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5 Rituals which will make you love cooking

When you cook you are an artist! So make sure to have the right environment to create your masterpiece.

Make sure your kitchen is clean and tidy, so that you can create an inspiring atmosphere where you will be expressing your creativity.

Treat Yourself!

Set some inspiring music and pour yourself some wine, or something alcohol-free if you prefer. Set the atmosphere-for example with one of our premade Spotify playlists:


CucinandoconSospes 🌿

Be prepared and know your steps!

Prepare all the ingredients beforehand. Wash and cut them if necessary. Have the tools you will need ready and read your recipe before starting - this will make your cooking experience more enjoyable.

Find your favourite recipe source.

Nowadays, like never before, we have an unlimited choice of information. Find the book, website, blog that most appeals to you...of course we hope that will be us.

Dare and give your touch.

As a true artist, dare to give a personal touch to your masterpiece. For example add a specific flavour or a herb and enjoy!

Share your masterpiece and your experience on Instagram and tag #sospesxxx

Enjoy Food. Enjoy Life.

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