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5 Sospes-Recipes for your Keto-Diet

Want to try a keto diet and you are looking for inspiration? Here 5 easy-to-prepare and tasty recipes to help you with your goals.

Lentils with farmer’s market carrots

Lentils not only are gluten free, but rich on proteins, important for you especially if you exercise a lot. There are many different way to prepare them. This is how I do it.

1) Cut the carrots, put some Sospes oil in the pot and after heating for 1 min, put the carrots in the pot. 2) Fry carrots for 2min in the pot and put the lentils. 3) Add salt, pepper, and 1‑2 leaves of ….and water. 4) Let the pot on the heat for 20 min and don’t forget to add water to avoid that the lentils burn. 5) Your lentils should now be ready. My tip: put some creme fresh on top of the lentils and pour some Sospes to finalise. Enjoy!

Grilled Feta with seasonal vegetables

This recipe mixed the taste of the vegetables with the salty of the grilled feta. Rich in vitamins and taste. My version adds wine and balsamic vinegar for an ultimately experience.

1) Switch the oven at 150 degrees, and in the meantime 2) wash and cut the vegetables. I go always with seasonal vegetables from the farmers’ market. This week I used: carrots, pea, zucchini, asparagus. 3) Put some Sospes in the pan and start frying the vegetables. Add some salt and pepper. 3) When the oven is ready, put the feta in a foil and bake it in the oven for 15min. 4) Put some red wine in same pot where you are frying your vegetables, and when ready, serve the vegetables on a plate. 5) Add the baked feta, and some balsamic vinegar on it. 6) Adjust with salt and pepper if necessary and Enjo!

Caprese - the queen of Capri

Did you know that the recipe “Caprese” comes from the island Capri? Which - fun fact - was Emperor Augustus favourite island.

This very simple and delicious recipe in fact, is perfect as starter or main course during a summer day.

Have a mozzarella or burrata and fresh tomatoes. Position the mozzarella in the middle of the plate. Cut the tomatoes, put salt, and a some leaves of basil on the top. Pour some Sospes at the end and enjoy!

Insider Tip: You know if a mozzarella or burrata is fresh, if by the first cut some juice comes outside.

Grilled paprika filled with melty feta.

I love this recipe because it comes from the Balkans‑Region and reminds me to my childhood. In Bosnia and Hercegovina there are several healthy and tasty dishes with peppers, and therefore today I am going to share one of my favourites with you.

Insider Tip: There are different variations of this recipe, as very popular among all Balkan countries. One main decision is if to leave the skin of the peppers or not. In this case, we choose “not”.

1) Put the peppers on a grill‑pan and grill them slightly till you see the skin of the peppers becoming crusty. 2) Take the peppers away from the pan and peel them. You should be able to peel them by hand now. 3) Cut the ending of the pepper and empty the pepper from all seeds. 4) Put the feta in the pepper. 5) Prepare a pan, pour some Sospes Olive Oil in it and fry some garlic, add the filled pepper and fry until you see the feta melting. 6) Serve on a plate, and pour the cooking oil and garlic on top. Enjoy!

Insider Tip 2: You can also mix 1 egg and feta together and then fill the pepper. Is a Mostar recipe. #bosnianrecipes#mostar

Seasonal Salad with grilled Salmon

Looking for a delicious and seasonal salad but need some proteins as well? Perfect! Mix salad with grilled Salmon is an explosion of taste and vitamins. 1) Heat the oven at 180 degree, and 2) prepare the salad in the meantime. My suggestion is to go to the market and have as many fresh ingredients as possible. In my case I had: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and grilled zucchini and asparagus. 3) Wash the salmon, and put some salt, pepper, lemon flavoured butter, parsley and Sospes olive oil. 4) Put the salmon in a foil and keep in the oven between 18‑20 min. 5) In the meantime prepare the plate with the salad and the vegetables, salt and pepper, put the salmon (when ready) on top, and pour some Sospes to finish. Ready to enjoy!

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