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5 TO Do's when in Brixton

Brixton attracts with its colours, smells, and vibrant vibes. This part of the town has reshaped its personality in the past years and is becoming one of the places to go especially for good food and parting. Here are 5 what to do in case you wake up in the morning and feel like wanting to be in an exotic place.

You arrive to Brixton via Victoria Line.

1. Browse the Market

Right after exiting the tube station, get immersed in the food market and explore the many food stands. Mountains of fresh and affordable fruits and vegetables, seasonal and exotic. Endless stores offering fresh fish and meet.

2. Try one of the many restaurants in the Market Row

Market Row Hall invites with its many restaurants, wine shops, and cafes. You can find food from all over the world. Restaurants are country specific and decorated as authentic as possible, providing a unique flair next to a very inviting taste. I went for the Colombian place “El Rancho de Lalo”, trying an exquisite vegetarian dish for only 9£. The music and environment gave the feeling of being in South America, not worrying about anything, but enjoying life. If you fancy a bier, weather, the Biergarten just outside the hall is the right place for you. The hall offers also many individual shops, including handmade jewelleries, cloths. and soaps. Paradise for any customer with an authentic taste.

3. Find time to listen to the one of many street artists

In every Brixton’s corner you can find street artists performing weather jazz music or Ragge or something different. This spirit combined with Brixton’s colourful environment provides a unique atmosphere.

4. Shop in a vintage market

Of course in vibrant environment such as the Brixton one, the vintage shops could not be missing. You can find different clothes for different personalities. One of the shops invites to buy vintage clothes as in all your live you won’t be able to drink as much water as it is needed to manufacture only 1 pair of the jeans we buy. They invite to be mindful and think sustainable.

5. Make plans for the night

Brixton has become the new go out Mecca in London offering a wide range of individual restaurants, cabarets, jazz clubs, etc. Right after the Market Row, you can find many places offering not only exclusive food but also entertainment and a part feeling. For instance Brixton’s Blues Kitchen offers on weekends live music and a unique atmosphere.

Your day at brixton has ended. You had some amazing food, fresh vegetables, you purchased sustainably, supporting local businesses and had a crazy night. What’ s next? Re-check Brixton in a couple of month because this area is in constant development and will surprise you again.

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